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33: Frugal to the max

My year in review.

This one was on a blog that got deleted. Found a copy of the text and archiving it here.

When I turned 30, my birthday motto was Higher highs and lower lows.

When I turned 31, my birthday motto was Double down.

When I turned 32, my birthday motto was No problem.

Each year, the motto has helped me frame the upcoming year and give it some kind of direction. Those three mottos are pretty much a table of contents of my 30s so far.

Today I turn 33, and I the motto for this year is going to be “Frugal to the max”. I’m starting a new company, we’re planning to start a new family, and I think it’s time for the essentials of life to come into sharp focus.

Last night I woke up around 5am and did my usual iPhone surfing from bed, but nothing was happening (other than Dita Von Teese returning from Paris). So I sat there and had this strange realization of the shortness of life. To be able to sit in bed, with an exciting day ahead, with the love of my life right next to me, while we are young, full of energy and ideas, hopeful, excited, and the world seems to be in sync with our goals and hopes – it’s a snapshot of time that I truly appreciate. I laid awake and savored everything that I have right now, and promised not to let it slip by without being fully appreciated.

Turning frugal is how I’m going to appreciate. And from what I can tell from people who I’ve talked with this about, it seems like we’re all interested in getting back to basics and truly savoring the essentials of life: love, friendship, health, quality time, creativity, sustainability, balance, and sense of self.

Tonight I celebrate with friends, tomorrow I start something new.

Added to the Self-reflection pile.
May 28, 2009

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