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Unstructured thoughts on various themes.

A pile is an unstructured set of articles, books, ideas, podcasts, quotes, and other things that match a particular interest of mine. They have more weight than a single link, but haven’t yet formed into well-defined beliefs or projects.

The idea that things get stronger when they interact with chaos.
What will this mean for us?
Is it possible? Why is it so difficult?
The challenge of making something new.
What sparks life?
A cheat sheet to help you remember 200+ biases via 3 conundrums.
What does it take to be truly creative?
Why is it so difficult to define the first principles of critical thinking?
Memento mori.
The conversational nature of reality.
Just trying to acquire the raw basics of this craft.
Pieces go here when they don't quite fit anywhere else.
What's the relationship between players, rules, and strategy?
How might we govern ourselves?
The conversational nature of our bodies and the universe.
Our mind's map of the terrain.
How might we not become irrecoverably cynical?
About this.
Is this it?
Why get out of bed?
What is real and how do we know?
The space that surrounds the stuff we directly care about.
What are the rewards of careful observation?
The corpus of us.
Nobody told us this would be difficult.
What are the rules of living with each other and how should we enforce it?
How to build products people love.
Does anything else matter?
Of the self-determined and self-enforced variety.
Observation, hypothesis, experiment, results, and repeat.
What makes sense to track?
The mystery.
The glitches in our universe.
Everything connects.
The gift of fire.
To be present. To be seen. To be hurt. Repeat.

Buster Benson (@buster) is a writer and builder of things. If you're new here, check the about page or see my entire life on a page.


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