The bird held Clodia with its beak and leapt into the sky. In the air she witnessed a sweeping view of the land that reminded her of her initial crash landing from space, but this time was much less terrifying. In a couple minutes they arrived at a nest carved into a wooden post and filled with snug rooms for the birds to live in. On the outside of the post there were also thousands of smaller holes designed to hold one acorn apiece, and Clodia was gently placed into one of these holes. The birds explained how they had adapted their environment to their needs, and were able to make plans for the future, and protect their stash from greedy squirrels. As a result they thrived as a community of several dozen birds, working and living together. Everyone pitched in. It was all very organized.

Clodia explained how she had come from space and needed to find a way to continue her journey of exploration, and the birds excitedly proposed a thousand different ideas.