Clodia and the acorn worked together doing the hard work of finding water, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, and using sunlight to cook the water and air into sugar the tree could use to build deeper roots, longer branches, and bigger leaves. Clodia enjoyed this work, but it wasn’t her life’s calling. She still wanted to get to the mountain, and then to space, and to see the entire galaxy. She was still an asteroid at heart. The tree never fully understood, but wanted to help. After 50 years, the tree was ready to make seeds again, and asked Clodia if she’d like to try taking one, hopefully to the mountain, again.

If you think Clodia should build a seed with the tree, in the hopes of convincing a bird to carry her to the mountain, go to page 22.

If you think Clodia should pass on the seed idea and keep trying to get to the mountain some other way, go to page 23.